Good health is rewarding

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Earn rewards—it’s fun and easy with Go365 by Humana

Go365 is your wellness and rewards program that’s included in your Humana Medicare Advantage Plan at no extra cost to you. You can earn valuable rewards each year – just for completing eligible healthy activities.

Get credit for things you’re already doing or try something new

Enjoying eligible fitness, social and health education activities that boost your physical health and emotional well-being may mean a healthier, happier you.

Add life to your days with a few extra steps

Earn up to $10 in rewards each month

Regularly moving your body—by doing easy, everyday eligible fitness activities—may promote overall good health, improve your outlook and make life much more fun.

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Connect with others through eligible social and health education activities for your good health

Earn up to $60 in rewards this year

Spending time with family and friends is great for your emotional health. Staying in touch helps you stay mentally sharp and socially plugged in.

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Redeem your rewards for great gift cards

The more you do the more rewards you can earn

Redeem your rewards for gift cards to use for things you need or treat yourself at your favorite stores and restaurants.

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“Thank you, Humana, for making this program available to your members! The spectrum of healthy life pursuits provide inspirational, physical, emotional, mental and financial benefits! Great work!”

Michael, Go365 by Humana member

Find activities you’ll love at your Humana Neighborhood CenterOpens in new window. Currently offering daily online classes like cooking demos, crafts and meditation, it’s easy to find something to do. Watch for re-opening announcements for the center near you this summer and fall.