Do it your selfie—earn 500 Points

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Now it’s easier than ever

Snap a selfie during your workout. Or capture a screenshot of your workout video or health app. Then submit within seven days of completion—here are two ways to do it.

On the Go365® App

Sign in to the App, click Activities, add an activity (+upper corner) and “Verify your workouts” to submit photo proof.
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Sign in to, click Activities, click Fitness and “Verify your workouts” to submit photo proof.
Log a verified workoutOpens in new window

Here are more ways to verify your workouts and earn Points

Connect a fitness device

Record your workouts with trackers such as a wearable device. Find the right fit for you by looking through the list of available devicesOpens in new window.

Sync a digital app

If you’re using a smart phone app like Apple Health or Samsung Health, sync it to your Go365 account to record your workouts. Here’s howOpens in new window.

Visit a fitness facility (safely)

Join a participating fitness facility near you and log your workouts automatically every time you visit. Check the listOpens in new window.

Link your home equipment or apps

Now you can earn Points for fitness classes or workouts on your home fitness equipment. Browse available connectionsOpens in new window.

Sync your favorite digital app, device or fitness connection and earn Points automatically

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