Recreational softball team sitting on bench Recreational softball team sitting on bench

How to engage employees in wellness activities

Employees who participate in wellness activities on a regular basis help create a healthier workforce. And when employees are participating in healthy lifestyles, they are more productive, perform their jobs better and are less likely to have long-term chronic illnesses that can negatively affect a company’s bottom line.

Studies have shown that employees who find wellness programs fun, exciting and rewarding will stick to them longer and stay engaged over an extended period of time, so it’s important to make wellness activities enjoyable. Luckily, there’s something for everyone.

Check out this list of potential wellness activities for groups:

  • Walk a mile a day challenge
  • Biggest loser competition
  • Meal prep challenge (think Top Chef)
  • Eight glasses a day hydration challenge
  • Company softball, basketball or soccer team
  • Walking meetings instead of video chat
  • Virtual wellness retreat
  • Yoga
  • Running club
  • Walking club
  • Fitness day highlighting a unique type of cardio each week (hip hop, rollerblading, jump class)
  • Review of pantry or grocery items and how to replace specific items
  • Journaling eating habits
  • 5K run or walk
  • Couch to 5K challenge

Gamification can help employee engagement in wellness activities

No one wants to live a life of constant struggle trying to lose weight or eat healthier if they aren’t at least having fun. Gamifying wellness activities for employees can help them stay motivated and engaged to get to the next level.

Gamification has become an effective wellness trend in recent years. It uses human behavior and our desire to participate in an easy, repetitive activity with a fairly instantaneous result or achievement to keep us engaged.

Making wellness activities easy to track and monitor is helpful in keeping employees motivated and participating. One way to do this is by offering a corporate wellness program that pairs with fitness apps to track calorie burn, steps and other health markers.

Go365 allows for members to track their activity using popular apps and devices like Noom®, FitBit®, Daily Burn®, MyFitnessPal® and others.

Variety is important. If Go365 members don’t want to track their progress on an app, they have other options. Members can also earn Points by self-submitting a photo or by checking into a participating fitness facility. They can verify their workouts on the Go365 App or via Members can also earn points for verified workouts using digital fitness programs like Echelon®, Classpass®, iFit and Matrix.

In addition, Go365 offers employers the flexibility to reward members for participating in wellness activities tailored to their workforce’s specific needs. These employer-sponsored events (ESEs) can be created using the online ESE platform, making it easier for employers to use group activities and challenges that suit the organization’s workplace culture and more opportunity to engage in Go365.

To learn more about how wellness activities for groups and individuals can help keep employees engaged and motivated to hit their own health goals, contact your Humana sales rep or request more information about Go365’s wellness program by filling out this formOpens in new window.

Go365 is not an insurance product and is not available with all Humana health plans. This is a general description of services which are subject to change. Please refer to Customer Support for more information.


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