A man checks his Go365 App to look at options to join a Challenge event. A man checks his Go365 App to look at options to join a Challenge event.

Get the Go365 App

The Go365® App is a robust resource to help employees with their well-being journeys. Go365 members on your work team can download the App and use the Go365 username and password they used if they already activated their online account or they can activate their account on the App directly.

In the App, members can see their dashboard, which clearly shows their Points, Bucks and Status. They can track and complete activities, including their Health Assessment. Through the App, Go365 members can earn Points for keeping a food, mindfulness or weight log. In addition, members can connect their Apple Health, Fitbit® or Garmin® devices to keep a sleep diary. The App also makes it easy for members to submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination or flu shot, submitting proof of completion of a CPR class, a visit the dentist or donating blood. In addition, the App encourages members to advance Status levels from Blue to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Connecting fitness apps like Fitbit and Runkeeper™ enables members to track their steps and earn Points each day. Employees can also see their recent activity and how many Points they’ve earned from different activities.

Employees can access the Go365 Mall through the “Shop” link on the App. There, they can redeem their Bucks for gift cards, devices and gear, apparel and accessories or donations to charity.

The Go365 App also allows members to take advantage of virtual well-being coaching resources to help manage stress, quit smoking or control weight. Plus, there is an online Go365 Community where members can post questions or read posts from other members on how to get the most out of the App.

In the App, Go365 members can find Challenges, as well, which are a fun way to inspire members through a work-sponsored competition or by setting personal Challenges. They can see what Challenges they are already a part of and which are available to participate in. This is a great example of how the App can help employers establish a culture of well-being and encourage engagement in Go365. Employees may use the Go365 App to find and join Challenges like the annual Go365 National Step Challenge, a company-sponsored Challenge, or they can set up their own and invite other members to join them.

Tips for creating successful Challenges

A successful team Challenge is one that employees want to participate in and stay engaged with throughout the event. Challenges should aim to create camaraderie among co-workers and help cultivate a friendly, competitive yet supportive culture in the workplace. Here are some tips to make your next Challenge successful:

Get your employees involved from the start. Create a poll or survey with different options for Challenges your employees may like to participate in. When people have the opportunity to be a part of the decision, they are more apt to participate and engage. They’ll also appreciate being given a choice about what the Challenge will be and what kinds of rewards will be offered.

Invite employees to be a part of the planning and promoting process. When people feel they are part of the process and have some responsibility in getting others to participate, they tend to be more motivated to support a successful outcome. Be sure to choose individuals who are leaders and can rally their teams to participate.

Communicate regularly and clearly. Be sure to include updates on participants, who’s in the lead, the potential rewards and share key dates. Use multiple communication channels to ensure employees hear the same information in different forums. Share updates in weekly team meetings, company newsletters and town halls. Get creative when sharing updates. You could re-create the App’s leaderboard in a place where everyone walks by or will see often. Consider making a video with images or clips people have shared about their involvement in the Challenge. The more fun and exciting the communications, the more people will want to participate and get involved.

Talk about and share details about the rewards, how and what employees can win or take home. The more exclusive, interesting and entertaining the rewards, the more people will participate.

Get leadership involved from the beginning. Have your leadership team share what they are doing and their excitement about the Challenge. Championing your team Challenge needs to come from the top down.

Show your employees how to access the Challenge on their Go365 App. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started. Provide information on how to use the App and the Challenges platform so more employees can join in the fun.

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