A group of adults are smiling as they participate in a fitness activity. A group of adults are smiling as they participate in a fitness activity.

Group exercise ideas for the workplace

Incorporating physical activity into your workplace wellness program helps drive progress toward a healthier workforce. In turn, a healthier workforce can lead to reduced absenteeism, an increase in employee productivity and a boost in corporate morale.1 Consider group exercise opportunities to promote physical activity and drive workplace well-being.

Group exercise or fitness programs should be as inclusive as possible, since your team members are likely to be at different fitness levels. Not everyone is going to participate, even if you offer several different activity or exercise options, and that’s OK.

If you are going to coordinate group exercises for employees, consider providing extra time for employees to change or shower before they return to work, creating a dedicated locker room area or offering group activities for all ages and all fitness levels. Do not make these sessions mandatory. Any fitness program you provide for employees should be on a voluntary basis only.

Group exercise in the workplace is beneficial

Workplace wellness programs that include physical activity have several benefits. According to the CDC, physical activity can lower the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and depression.2 Healthy employees experience fewer healthcare costs than unhealthy employees.3

Healthier employees can experience less absenteeism. And when employees are not missing days of productivity, it can increase the company’s bottom line. For example, MD Anderson Cancer Center created a health and well-being department. Within 6 years, they reported an 80% decrease in lost days due to illness, which resulted in a savings of $1.5 million.4

Fitness, especially group fitness, encourages better work performance and fosters teamwork. Employees get to know each other better and those relationships grow and create a more positive work environment. Colleagues can boost each other’s efforts, support each other through their wellness experience and hold each other accountable. The relationships built during group exercises spill over into the work itself and can reflect positively on your entire organization.5

Group fitness ideas

  • Yoga classes. For team members that need a less intense type of workout, consider holding a yoga class.
  • Self-defense classes. This is a great option that not only keeps employees in shape and active, but teaches them lifesaving techniques, too!
  • Kickboxing. This is a great activity with choreographed moves like punches and jabs. It is a higher intensity workout and a great way for coworkers to blow off any stress caused by current projects.
  • Tai chi. This is a slower, less intense type of martial arts. Tai chi emphasizes control over the mind and body, and employees can tune out work while concentrating on body movement.
  • Walking or power walking. Set aside specific times for employees to meet up and walk around the building or on a walking path near your office buildings. Consider creating 2 groups; one group that power walks and keeps a faster pace, while the other group takes a less intense approach.
  • Sports leagues. What sports would your employees like the most? Maybe it’s softball, soccer or dodgeball. Create or find a league with different teams and let the competition begin!
  • Daily team stretches. While not everyone is going to participate in more rigorous group activities, many might participate in a simple team stretch. Consider creating a 10-minute period at the beginning of each day where employees have a peer-led stretch at their desk area.

Group exercise ideas and tips

Employers creating group exercise activities need to consider the types of people who will want to join the activities, the activity levels of their employees, the amount of time their employees can dedicate each week and how to motivate employees to stay engaged. With Go365, employers have the option to set up Employer-Sponsored Events for extra motivation.

Most importantly, make it fun. Make sure your group fitness ideas are exciting and have different timing options and intensities so that they are accessible and inclusive.

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