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How do you implement a wellness program in the workplace

Health, wellness and well-being are top priorities for everyone – especially now. Organizations that include employee wellness programs as part of their offerings can more easily attract, engage and retain team members.

Before you continue, read our article, 4 simple steps to start a corporate wellness program at your company, to learn how to build the foundation for a successful corporate health and wellness plan.

Now that you have executive buy-in and an approved budget, how do you implement your wellness program in the workplace?

Here’s an easy timeline to get you started a month before the wellness program launch:

1 month prelaunch: Plan your corporate wellness program

Schedule meetings with your wellness committee members and key contacts across your organization’s departments and divisions. These team members will support the communications and encourage participation at your organization’s various locations, including associates who work remotely.

  • Focus on creating an incentive structure, getting management acceptance, planning communications and calendar events and determining program duration.
  • Your wellness program provider should set up your account and develop data feeds, such as those for claims.
  • Meeting discussions should include your wellness culture and buy-in from key managers.

Your wellness program provider should have an engagement plan that will support a successful launch.

3 weeks prelaunch: promote a wellness program in the workplace

Focus on refining engagement strategies:

  • Continue to launch strategy meetings with your wellness committee and your wellness program provider’s account management team.
  • Develop standard communications specific to your organization. Include the new wellness program in normally scheduled business messaging. In addition, design company-wide emails, send personalized home mailings and hang posters to promote the program.
  • Work with your wellness program provider to define standard reports that will assist in tracking participation and progress, including engagement and activity.
  • Define the strategy for biometric screenings by connecting with preferred vendors, confirm the timing and locations for on-site events, as well as a retail network for employees to self-schedule biometric screenings.

2 weeks prelaunch: Prepare

The program is almost fully formed. Steps to take at this stage include:

  • The wellness committee and wellness program provider account team will finalize plans for a successful launch that will engage employees and energize them to create healthier habits.
  • As launch day nears, team members work to finalize biometric events. They conclude planning, confirm the date and coordinate presentations and communications.

Congratulations! With the launch of your corporate wellness program, you are helping your employees develop healthy habits—and increasing your company’s bottom line.

At Go365, we have experience supporting more than 45,000 employers across a diverse employee base.

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