Group of employees at wellness seminar Group of employees at wellness seminar

Types of wellness programs in the workplace

As you research corporate wellness programs, you will be asked, “What are the different types of wellness programs?”

Workplace health and well-being programs take many forms. Depending on your company’s budget and the healthcare needs of your workforce, your employee wellness program can be simple or comprehensive.

SHRM, the Society of Human Resource Management, provides examples of the different types of wellness programs:2

  • Stress reduction programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Smoking cessation program
  • Health risk assessments
  • Health screenings
  • Exercise programs and activities
  • Nutrition education
  • Vaccination clinics

The workplace wellness programs included on SHRM’s list are focused on specific areas of health and well-being.

For example, a focused wellness program may have a goal of helping employees deal with preventable and chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol. By offering educational programs, health fairs and wellness publications, employers can make associates aware of issues and take steps toward healthier habits.

Holistic approach to wellness programs

Go365® takes a holistic approach to wellness with robust program options to inspire and engage employees. In fact, many items on SHRM’s list are incorporated in some way in the Go365 personalized wellness and rewards offering.

The 10th Annual Health and Well-Being Survey released in 2019 by Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) showed that employers continue to provide programs focused on well-being beyond physical health. Employers recognize emotional and mental well-being, financial health, community involvement and social connections contribute to employees’ job performance and productivity.2

Go365 specializes in whole-person wellness with options to support your workforce in those areas of concern, including:

Emotional and mental health through interactive Go365-connected apps for relieving stress and anxiety while increasing mindfulness and calm. These include My Life™ and Unwinding Anxiety (both available in free and premium versions). Go365 also offers a stress management course.

Financial health through the Votaire financial well-being app, a dynamic, personalized platform empowering your associates to develop a plan to reach their financial goals.

Community involvement and social connection through group volunteering activities, online learning, virtual cooking classes, fitness Challenges and more. The Go365 Engagement Source offers wellness program administrators with guidelines and templates to encourage employee participation in light-hearted competition, such as Step Challenges. Go365 members can also connect with each other on the Go365 Community.

Go365 inspires your teams to establish and maintain workout routines, reduce stress, eat well-balanced meals and maintain healthy habits through a personalized rewards program.

Health and wellness incentives

According to SHRM, employers are increasingly relying on incentives to motivate employees to take part in wellness programs and to improve their health-related behaviors.3

Go365 Points and Bucks serve as rewards for members who complete a variety of activities. Members are incentivized to participate in physical fitness, as well as everyday activities that contribute to overall health. They earn Points and Bucks for completing Health Assessments, getting flu shots, keeping a sleep diary, accessing a virtual well-being coaching program, etc.

Backed by behavioral economics and actuarial science, Go365 is designed specifically to meet your employees wherever they are on their wellness journey. Employees are able to choose from a variety of gift cards in the Go365 Mall, as well as other rewards, like bikes and workout clothing, motivating them to lead healthier, happier lives.

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