A man checks his daily step count on his fitness tracker. A man checks his daily step count on his fitness tracker.

Mark your health journey with wearable fitness trackers and Go365

Companies that offer wellness programs want to make accessing and participating in their health and well-being efforts as easy as possible for their employees. Many companies offer healthy rewards when employees participate or reach the health goals they set for themselves. Tracking those goals has become a lot easier with the advancement of technology, specifically with wearable fitness trackers. This is a win-win for consumers who are already on their own health journey. They can track their progress and more easily participate in company wellness programs.

Finding the device that best fits your needs is important. The 2 most popular options are fitness trackers and smart watches.

Fitness trackers: A wearable fitness tracker can be worn on the wrist, neck, ankle or even clipped onto your clothing.1 They typically measure basic workout stats like steps/distance, heart rate, and duration of the workout.

Smart watches: If you want more in-depth workout information or want to integrate third-party workout apps into your fitness routine, you will need to go the smart watch route.2 When making a decision, you should also keep in mind that the price point on a smart watch is usually higher than that of a typical fitness tracker.

Once you decide which type of wearable fitness tracker is best suited for your needs, other features to keep in mind include:

Display: Make sure you can easily see the information that is most important to you on the display. Some wearable fitness trackers display information on the device itself, but some information may only be accessible through the app.3 Additionally, make sure you can easily see the display while you are working out, and check that the numbers or readout is large enough so you can read it at a glance. Lastly, some smart watches can change the view or face of the tracker so it’s customized and you can see what’s most important to you. For example, if you are working toward a time goal, you can easily see your workout time. Or if you are working toward a specific distance or calorie goal, you can change the display to see that information quickly and easily.

Accuracy: Wearable fitness trackers are not perfect. Steps, hours slept and flights climbed may be slightly off. If you need a more accurate reading for a specific purpose, consider purchasing a function-specific device.4

Water resistance: There are wearable fitness trackers for different sports and exercise programs. However, if you tend to lean toward swimming laps or water aerobics, you’ll need a tracker that is water resistant, not just splash proof or shower proof.4

Style: If you’re planning on wearing your fitness tracker all day, it might be important to have different style options. Some wearable fitness trackers have more options than others and allow for swapping out the wristbands or face plates to accommodate various style and personal preferences. Some smart watches also have digital faces you can change based on what information you want to view, if you prefer analog or digital, or even want to change the color of the face based on your daily clothing styles.

The features listed are only a few to consider. Other features you might consider include battery life, charging source, notification options, version number, how often a new version comes out, other apps it is compatible with, and how other consumers have reviewed it.

Once you select the best wearable fitness tracker for your needs and budget, it’s time for you and your employees to get started. To get the most out of your tracker:5

  • Use the tracker every day; strive for consistency.
  • Find activities you like to do. The more you like an activity, the higher chance you’ll stay active and maintain healthy goals.
  • Recruit friends and family. Having friends or a network of support can help keep you accountable and create a sense of competition.

Go365® members can use a variety of high-tech, high-functioning, yet fashionable options for wearable fitness trackers, including Fitbit®, Garmin® and Polar®. Go365 connects to more than 70 devices and apps. In addition, Go365 members can earn Bucks towards getting the latest wearable fitness trackers from the Go365 Mall.

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