Colleagues engage in casual social conversation Colleagues engage in casual social conversation

Activities to promote emotional well-being

Companies should consider promoting social and emotional well-being in addition to promoting mental and physical health. These dimensions of well-being can affect how you or your employees react to experiences both in and out of the workplace.

Supporting employees with social and emotional wellness gives them resources to handle life’s stressors and better manage emotions, as well as set and achieve positive goals. Through improved emotional well-being, your team members can feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make healthy decisions.i

Emotional wellness is about being aware of your emotions, accepting the good and the bad, and maintaining a positive outlook despite the battles you might be facing.ii Maintaining positive emotional well-being doesn’t mean you ignore negative emotions or the negative issues in your life. Instead, supporting emotional wellness means you have the tools to navigate through those emotions and keep a positive outlook.

Social and emotional well-being activities

Below are a few examples of activities to share with your team members to promote social and emotional health.

  1. Make sleep a priority. Lack of sleep can cause impatience or inability to handle stressful situations. Aim for the daily recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, because too much sleep is also a problem.iii
  2. Spend time with friends and talk about your feelings. Spending time with friends has a positive impact on emotional and mental health since it’s a chance to relax and focus on something positive. Sharing your feelings and emotions about what you are struggling with may help you see steps to improve your social and emotional well-being.iv
  3. Be mindful of what is happening in the present; don’t run on autopilot. Being mindful means being aware of what is going on in the moment, both emotionally within yourself and what is happening around you. There are several social and emotional well-being activities you can practice to become more mindful. Consider taking deep, controlled breaths, finding mindfulness resources in your community like yoga or meditation classes or taking walks and focusing on the sounds and sights.v
  4. Reduce stress to boost resilience. A few ways to reduce stress include exercising regularly, talking to a professional and building a social support
  5. Get social outside of your friend group. Consider a hobby you enjoy like hiking, painting or reading. Volunteer in your community, travel to places on your bucket list and meet new people.

There is a variety of activities to promote social and emotional well-being, especially in the workplace. Read more about wellness, contact your Humana sales rep or request more information about Go365’s wellness program by filling out this formOpens in new window.

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