Woman lifts weight with one hand while typing on a laptop. Woman lifts weight with one hand while typing on a laptop.

Wellness challenge ideas for the workplace

Corporate wellness programs can improve employee health, lower elevated health risks, reduce medical costs and decrease employee absenteeism.1 Additionally, wellness challenges can allow employees to unwind, have fun and reduce stress levels. Not everyone will participate, but the more opportunities for the team to connect, the better.

Team wellness at work

The kinds of team wellness challenges you can offer your employees are only limited by your creativity. Almost any type of personal or individual challenge can be turned into a team event. Team challenges encourage employees to take on a healthier lifestyle and foster a positive culture and camaraderie among peers, which helps people adopt or maintain a healthier way of living.2

Team wellness challenges

Below are several team challenge ideas to promote team wellness at your organization:3

  • Sleep challenge
    • Each time a team member tracks 7+ hours of sleep, they earn Points for their team.
  • Physical exam or health screening
    • Consider a Challenge giving rewards to employees who participate in annual health screenings.
  • Water Challenge
    • Create a Challenge that encourages each team member to drink 8 cups of water each day.
  • Fitness Challenge
    • This can be done in several ways. You can track time spent working out, calories counted daily, how many consecutive days calories are counted, steps taken in a day or how many consecutive days of workouts a person logs.
  • Healthy eating
    • Teams can track their food intake each day.
  • Volunteer hours
    • Each hour a team member spends volunteering can be worth a certain number of Points.
  • Percentage of weight loss
    • Take the team’s total weight at the beginning of the challenge and the team with the largest percentage of weight loss wins.

Challenges can be both long term and short term. The longer a challenge lasts, the more participation and engagement may start to drop off. However, health and wellness are a long-term game, so it’s important to have both long- and short-term goals.

24-hour challenge ideas

Consider creating 24-hour wellness challenges as well. Having a short-term challenge helps people stay excited and motivated over a shorter time, leading to more engagement and participation.

24-hour challenge ideas include:

  • Weekday step challenge
    • Have individual teams track their steps for 24 hours, and count each member’s steps toward their team goals.
  • Screen time
    • How many hours can your team go without being on their phone in a given 24-hour period?
  • Pushups/workout
    • Have each team member do pushups throughout the day and track them.
    • This can be replaced with steps, sit-ups, crunches, miles, jumping jacks, etc.
  • Meatless Monday challenge
    • Encourage teammates to spend 24 hours going vegetarian or vegan.

Go365® is a wellness and rewards program that uses proven techniques and intelligent incentives to improve health outcomes and increase productivity. We provide wellness program administrators with resources for employer-sponsored events and fitness challenges personalized to your employees’ needs. These templated programs include a wide range of team-based activities, with an opportunity for members to earn Points and Bucks.

The Go365 Challenge platform has a social functionality, including high-fives, heckles and an internal chat to enhance engagement and friendly competition. Employers can encourage participating in a Challenge using the “Message my employees” capability on the Engagement Source.

In addition, the Go365 National Step Challenge is an annual health and wellness competition focused on improving employee fitness while fighting food insecurity. Companies compete based on team size and the number of steps taken by each team. The winning teams get a donation made in their company’s name to Feeding America® in their local community. One million meals are donated during each annual event.

Go365 empowers members to live happier, healthier lives and reduces healthcare costs by providing simple, friendly tools—backed by science—with expert advice and support.

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