A teacher and students are stretching their hands and arms in a classroom. A teacher and students are stretching their hands and arms in a classroom.

Wednesday Wellness ideas

Wellness Wednesday is a social media trend (#WellnessWednesday) that began as a way to promote wellness and mindfulness. Now it’s a global movement for self-care embraced by individuals and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to well-being.

It’s also a smart and practical way to bring health and well-being strategies into the workplace. Wellness Wednesday ideas are focused on smaller, more immediate things employees can do in support of whole-person wellness. The ideas are more manageable and less overwhelming to resistant employees or in workplaces that are set in their ways. After all, it’s just 1 day a week, right?

Wellness Wednesday tips

One approach is to designate Wednesday as a day for special events. Some Wellness Wednesday ideas around nutrition might include:

  • Providing a healthy snack station in the lobby, kitchen or another communal space
  • Ordering in a healthy lunch for the team or by department
  • Having different teams or departments volunteer to make a few jugs of fruit-infused water to share, as suggested by the National Center on Physical Health, Activity and Disability1

Wellness Wednesday tips for enhancing physical health:

  • Host a step challenge or a water drinking challenge
  • Take a meeting on the move, walking outside or going to a nearby café
  • Bring in onsite chair massage providers, or specialists to do screenings and health assessments
  • Encourage employees to take breaks, every hour, on the hour, for 1 minute

Wellness Wednesday ideas focusing on mental and emotional health might include:

  • A no-meeting block of time (for example, 9 a.m. to noon)
  • Reminders of the ways your company supports mental health and the services that are available
  • A weekly stress circle employees can attend if they want to talk about anything, set with safe-zone rules and time for everyone to speak2

Wellness Wednesday ideas that focus on self-care:

  • Give employees the option of starting later, leaving earlier or working from home on Wednesdays
  • Have a “fika”—a coffee and cake break that is considered, in Sweden, to be an essential daily practice, encouraging employees to interact with each other3
  • Make Wellness Wednesday the new Casual Friday, or Wednesday could become Bring a Pet to Work Day
  • Let Wednesday be the day employees bring canned goods, clothing or other donations in support of a local charity
  • Have an acknowledgement jar and let employees write thank you notes, which can be read aloud each Wednesday so that the team members can hear that their hard work is being noticed4

The American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing uses Wellness Wednesday to encourage employees to “introduce a new wellness practice—a small action you can take each day to improve your life. Try it out for a week. Keep the practices you like and leave the ones you don’t!”5

Suggestions include devoting a week to working on sleep by avoiding caffeine in the afternoon, winding down the day with a calming activity and sticking to a consistent bedtime schedule. Alternatively, employees might spend a week getting more outdoors time. Or committing to a short daily meditation practice or a yoga practice. They might experiment with journaling or working on productivity by creating daily priority lists.

Wellness Wednesday ideas for everybody

Make sure that you include remote employees in Wellness Wednesday. Lunch and Learn talks on any number of wellness topics—including financial planning, mindfulness and meditation practices, emotional intelligence strategies and healthy cooking techniques—can be offered onsite and streamed live for employees working from home.

Worksite and organizational culture can make or break participation in employee wellness programs. Implemented with leadership-by-example and with inclusivity as a priority, Wellness Wednesday can gently and accessibly welcome all employees to improve their health.

The Go365® well-being and rewards program offers wellness program administrators access to the Go365 Engagement Source for comprehensive resources, templated communications, videos, how-tos, short-term Challenges and more. The well-being solutions offer work-life balance and empower a happier, healthier workforce.

To find out more about Go365, contact your licensed Humana sales agent or request more information about Go365’s wellness program by filling out this formOpens in new window.

Go365 is not an insurance product and is not available with all Humana health plans. This is a general description of services which are subject to change. Product features may vary by client. Please refer to Customer Support for more information.

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