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What is included in wellness programs? A checklist for employers

As you design your organization’s workplace wellness program, you may receive special requests from various departments and team members. You’ll probably see a long “wish list” to include in your corporate wellness plan, from wellness apps and specific wearable devices to certain types of health coaching and chronic disease prevention programs.

Work closely with your health and wellness provider to find out how to create a workplace wellness program that will excite your teams, engage associates and motivate them to embrace healthier habits.

Here’s a helpful checklist of what’s included in a wellness program:

 Web portal, online resources and dashboard with metrics to track progress.

Many of us have our cellphones within easy reach during the majority of our waking hours. Wellness resources should be mobile-friendly and available online so that your team members are more likely to participate. You can highlight friendly competitions as they track their progress.

 Mobile app and wireless connection to wearable fitness devices, heartrate monitors, pedometers, etc.

Wearable tech is popular and has become a fashion accessory. Make sure your wellness program has the latest apps that promote well-being, such as stress relief, mindfulness and financial health.

For example, the Go365 App includes Stop, Breathe and Think, the Five-Minute Journal for emotional well-being and Votaire for financial wellness. Go365 is compatible with a variety of insurance carriers, biometric screening vendors, fitness facilities and wearable technologies for easy integration into your healthcare and benefits plan.

 Personalized experiences and health coaching experiences.

Your corporate wellness program should support your teams’ overall well-being. Look for robust health coaching with resources for smoking cessation, personal weight-loss programs, anxiety support and more.

Go365 has more than 30 verifiable activities that allow members to earn rewards. Our members receive personalized activity suggestions to reach goals on their journeys toward better health.

 Advanced incentive programs surrounding education, fitness and exercise, healthy living and prevention.

By rewarding fitness activities and preventative care, your wellness program can encourage meaningful change.

With Go365, for example, members are rewarded for healthy activities with Points and Bucks, plus they receive extra Points for keeping biometric results within healthy ranges. Members redeem Bucks for rewards in the Go365 Mall. And when they earn Points, they can unlock activities that give them more opportunities to earn Points and Bucks.

 Marketing assistance to promote the program, including customizable communications.

Successful corporate wellness plans offer many ways to communicate to members, creating buzz about health and well-being.

From email templates and how-to videos to posters and flyers to display in the breakroom, consistent communications must be available to keep the wellness program top of mind for associates.

 Experienced wellness account management team to optimize the program to meet business needs.

The greatest return on investment from your workplace wellness program comes from long-term employee participation. That means your wellness plan needs to stay fresh and attractive to associates. Your wellness account management team should be able to offer new ideas and technology that makes life easier.

Another benefit with Go365 is the Go365 Champs Program. Go365 Champs are enthusiastic Go365 members who get extra training to serve as grassroots peer educators and motivators to their colleagues.

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