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Workplace wellness program case study: Healthy employees are happier employees

Human resources and benefits professionals often seek evidence that a corporate wellness program will support business goals. Success stories for employee wellness initiatives demonstrate return on investment (ROI) to business executives.


Go365 recently completed a new workplace wellness case study examining the value of wellness programs and their contribution to the productivity, health and happiness of long-term participants.

The Go365 Fully Insured Outcomes Study revealed healthcare cost savings and higher health satisfaction ratings for wellness program members. As participating associates became more engaged in the wellness program, their health insurance claims experiences were more likely to improve, in addition to their health perception and healthcare utilization.

That’s solid information to share with wellness program decision makers.

Case study background

Go365 reviewed healthcare claims and utilization trends from approximately 135,000 fully insured employees who were continuously enrolled in both a Humana medical plan and the Go365 wellness and rewards program over the course of four plan years. The analysis segmented the population between small group employers with 2–99 associates and large group employers with 100 or more associates. The initial year established the baseline, and the next three years evaluated the impact of wellness engagement on healthcare cost and utilization.

The study concludes that employees who are highly engaged in wellness programs long-term are inclined to be more productive, proactive about wellness, healthier and happier overall.

Case study results

The results of the Go365 Fully Insured Outcomes Study found that consistent dedication and member engagement in Go365 can result in a significant reduction in healthcare claims.1 As the Go365 member’s Status threshold stepped up, claims savings increased proportionately.

  • High-engaged members (Platinum/Gold/Silver Status) experienced an average of 24% lower claims costs, compared to low-engaged members (Blue/Bronze Status).
  • Over the course of the analysis period, high-engaged large group members saved an average of $118 in healthcare claims per member per month (PMPM), compared to low-engaged members.
  • High-engaged small group members had 6% more preventive care physician visits and 33% fewer emergency room visits, compared to low-engaged members.
  • High-engaged employees rated their overall health satisfaction as good to excellent, 5% more than low-engaged employees.

These are just some of the findings. To request a copy of the study, fill out this formOpens in new window to talk to a Go365 rep.

How our workplace wellness program case study can help your business

The primary goal of the analysis was to measure the effectiveness a comprehensive wellness program like Go365, can have on employees. The study revealed that employees who are highly engaged in the wellness and rewards program over several years are more likely to be happier with their health, incur lower claims costs and improve healthcare utilization, relative to low-engaged employees.

Go365 members start at Blue Status. As they participate and increase in Points, their Statuses rise to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. In addition to exercise and fitness Challenges, members earn Points for other wellness activities, such as completing Health Assessments, visiting their physician for checkups, donating blood, getting a flu shot, participating in virtual well-being coaching, keeping a sleep diary, taking health quizzes, obtaining CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification and more.

Want to get a copy of the full case study or learn more about the methodology used to draw these insights? Contact your Humana sales rep or request more information about Go365’s wellness program by filling out this formOpens in new window.

Go365 is not an insurance product and is not available with all Humana health plans. This is a general description of services which are subject to change. Please refer to Customer Support for more information.


12020 Go365 Fully Insured Outcomes Study.

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