Corporate fitness program

Bring a corporate fitness program to your employees

Go365® has worked with industry professionals to create a corporate fitness program that will help your employees reach their fitness goals and live their best lives.

Employees are often more engaged when they feel their company cares about their well-being and health, and that’s where Go365 can help your company or organization thrive.

Go365 has worked hard to include corporate fitness options as part of our whole-person wellness program, because the benefits of exercise go far beyond just the impact on physical health.

We engage employees in light-hearted competitions, like Step Challenges, and we encourage them along the way, keeping it fun. Go365 also inspires daily workouts by rewarding employees every time they go to the gym.*

Along with our other program offerings, this can create a healthier workplace with happier, more engaged employees.

How Go365 creates corporate fitness in the workplace

We meet employees wherever they are on their fitness journey. Go365 members can connect to what we call “participating fitness facilities”—places like their gym or yoga studio—to earn points for their regular workouts.

Or, members can connect to apps they’re already using to earn rewards. Connect to:

Noom icon


Fitbit Coach icon


Daily Burn icon

Daily Burn

Echelon icon


Apple Health icon


My Fitness Pal icon

My Fitness Pal

Garmin icon


Samsung Health icon

Samsung Health

And many more!

Corporate fitness with Go365 allows employees to not only work together on the job, but also to support each other in their personal fitness goals at home or on the go.

Build a sense of community for your employees by offering a corporate fitness program with Go365.

*Earnings are limited per program year. Rewards caps are determined by program type.

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