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Go365 – A wellness and rewards program for your workforce

You care about your employees. Go365™ can help them become happier, healthier and more productive.

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Go365 is a personalized wellness and rewards program that helps your employees make
healthier decisions and guides them on their well-being journey.

Employees can earn awesome rewards for activities like:
•    Yearly flu shots
•    Workouts
•    Vision and dental exams
And your company could get rewarded with:
•    Healthier employees
•    Higher productivity
•    Minimized increases to healthcare claims

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Go365 works!

Productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost U.S. employers $226 billion annually.1 But a Five-Year Study 2 showed that highly-engaged3 employees who participated in a wellness and rewards program had:

A 22% decline in healthcare costs by year 5

55% fewer unhealthy days* than low-engaged members

35% fewer emergency (ER) room visits

Reduced lifestyle risk factors for chronic conditions for all Go365 members by year 5

Go365 Five-Year Study

Go365 goes everywhere with your employees

They can log activities, track progress, and claim rewards; whenever they want, wherever they are.
And it syncs with the apps and devices they’re already using.
  • Diet and nutrition apps
  • Exercise and activity trackers
  • Sleep monitors
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Bundle Go365 with Humana’s full line of integrated healthcare products,
and your employees' successes could save you money on your annual premiums.
1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Worker Productivity, last accessed July 12, 2019,
2 “At a glance: The Go-365 Five-Year Study,” 2018, accessed July 12, 2019,
3 Average Go365 Points earned per year were used to determine engagement. Members with an average of 5,000 Points or more per year in the analysis period were classified as medium-engaged and those with 8,000 Points or more were high-engaged.
* Unhealthy days are a metric of population health and quality of life used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Methods and Measures,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last accessed July 12, 2019,