Healthy workplace

A healthy workplace can help your employees thrive

According to Go365’s 5-year study, employees who engage with their organization’s wellness program often have healthier habits and fewer Unhealthy Days.* Healthy, happy employees can make a better workplace and can lower healthcare costs for employers. At Go365®, we take that seriously.

Go365’s program uses a flexible approach that recommends activities tailored to each employee’s needs to help them move toward their health goals. Here are some other ways we can help you create a healthy workplace:

Go365 offers rewards to employees who use the program by completing activities like getting a flu shot or keeping a sleep diary.

We connect with up to 75 devices and more than 25,000 fitness facilities to meet employees where they already are in their fitness journey.

We offer biometric screenings and Health Assessments, which track indicators like blood pressure and weight, as well as lifestyle habits and other important health data to help employees on their journey to a healthier life.

Go365 allows employers to create company-wide Step Challenges and other activities to get employees involved not only in the program, but also in their workplace.

If boosting productivity and engagement is a priority for your company, creating a healthy workplace is key. Go365 will help make health and wellness fun and easy for your employees.

*Healthy Days are a measure created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Go365 is not an insurance product and is not available with all Humana health plans. This is a general description of services which are subject to change. Please refer to Customer Care for more information.