Go365 Notice of Privacy Practices

How we protect your personal information

This notice explains how information about you may be used and shared. Please carefully look over this communication.

Keeping your personal information private is important. You don’t need to do anything unless you have a complaint.

We’re glad that you are part of the Go365® program. We want you to know that we will protect your personal information and keep it private.

This notice explains how Go365 protects your personal information. It also explains how your information is used. There are times when we may need to share your personal information. This notice explains why we may need to do this for legal reasons. We follow these rules about using and sharing your personal information. We will also let you know if any of these rules change.

We can change the rules for using and sharing personal information at any time. If the rules change, it will be for all personal information, even any information we have before the change was made. When we make a significant change in the rules, we will change this notice and let you know. Any changes to the rules for using or sharing personal information will be for everyone in the Go365 program.

What is personal information?

Personal information is health information and any information that identifies you; like your name, address, telephone number, and email address. This information also includes any personal and health information about your physical or mental health, which is created or received by a healthcare provider or Go365. We protect all of this information, whether it is spoken, written down, or part of an electronic record.

How does Go365 protect my information?

There are laws to protect your information. Go365 must follow these laws. We also take these steps to keep your information private:

  • We limit who can see your information to only those who need to see it.
  • We limit how we use your information, and share it only when there is a good reason.
  • We let you know how we use or share your information.
  • Everyone who works for Go365 is trained on how to protect your information.
  • Organizations that contract with Go365 to help us deliver the program are required to follow similar rules as Go365 to protect your information as required by state and federal laws.

How does Go365 use and share my information?

Go365 may use and/or share your information with you or someone who has the legal right to act for you, and where required by law.

If you are a Medicare member, or have a fully insured Humana health plan with your Go365 program, you will be required to make a choice to consent or decline to share your Go365 data with your Humana health plan. You can change your decision to consent or decline at any time via the Preferences section of the Go365 or Humana website Account Settings.

If this consent is not presented to you, then you are not eligible to share your Go365 data with a Humana health plan.

Go365 can also use or share your information:

  • For rewards including Points, Bucks and HealthyFood savings, if applicable.
  • For your Go365 experience to give you feedback and tools to help you reach your wellness goals. This may include outreach by Go365 based on responses that you provide to us when completing your Health Assessment or risks identified from the results of your Health Assessment or Go365 biometric screening, if applicable.
  • For contacting members who have requested outreach by a representative of Go365 or Humana Wellness.
  • For the Go365 program, including your program enrollment, answering your questions and requests for services, handling complaints, and for making the Go365 program better.
  • With your employer or program sponsor when you enroll or disenroll from the Go365 program. We may share your personal health information with your employer or program sponsor as part of a summary report, as long as it does not include your name or any other information that identifies you.
    • We will share information with your employer that indicates your level of participation in the Go365 program without including your personal health information.
    • We will share information with your employer regarding invalid events or other submissions for rewards.
    • We will not share your personal health information with your employer or program sponsor unless you tell us that we can.
    • With your permission, we will share information with the employer who sponsors your Go365 program that indicates your eligibility for certain incentives the employer may offer, if applicable.
  • To contact you with information about other program benefits and services.
  • With your family, domestic partner and friends if you are unavailable to communicate, such as in an emergency.
  • For law enforcement purposes, to military authorities and as otherwise required by law.
  • For compliance programs.
  • With your health insurance plan for clinical health/disease management programs and other programs that may help Go365 members manage or improve their health.
  • To avert a serious and imminent threat to your health or safety or the health or safety of others.

Will Go365 use my information in any other way?

If we need to use your information in any way that we have not explained in this notice, Go365 will ask for your written permission before using or sharing your information. You may end your permission at any time by telling us in writing. We will not use or share your information for any reason not described in this notice without your permission.

What does Go365 do with my information when I am no longer a program participant?

Your information may continue to be used as described in this notice even when you are no longer in the Go365 program. If you leave the program, we will keep your information for a period of time as required by law. After that, we will destroy your information in a way that continues to protect your privacy.

How can I get a copy of this notice?

You can get a copy of this privacy notice by downloading or printing this form from the web or by contacting:

  • Go365 Privacy Office
  • P.O. Box 1438
  • Louisville, KY 40202-1438

What should I do if I believe my privacy has been violated?

If you believe your privacy has been violated in any way, you may file a complaint by contacting:

  • Go365 Privacy Office
  • P.O. Box 1438
  • Louisville, KY 40202-1438

How to get help in another language

Go365 has free help for members who don’t speak English or need extra help. Call the number on the back of your Go365 or Humana member ID card to contact Customer Care for help in any language that you need.