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Start by understanding your health

Take the Go365 Health Assessment. Your answers will reveal your Go365 Age—a measure of whether your body feels older or younger than your actual age.

Icons fade onto screen: happy and not-so-happy faces, a moon, a person running, and an apple. Each represents questions about ones health. They all connect to larger center icon, displaying the Go365 Age, which is calculated based on the answers.

Unlock activities and rack up rewards

Watch your healthy actions help lead you toward personal well-being — and a trip to the Go365 Mall.

Connected icons fade onto screen: a flag, a flu shot and a physician. The connect to a large center shopping bag icon, showing that these actions can lead to a trip to the Go365 Mall. Three icons display: a fitness watch, a gift card and a tablet.

Earn it. Spend it. In the Go365 Mall

So many great rewards! The more you burn (or keep your cholesterol in check,
see the dentist, get a vision exam, etc...), the more you earn.

Icons populate clockwise around a center: a gift card, a movie ticket, a gift, a fitness watch and a star. As each displays, the central number, representing the amount of Bucks, increases.

*Charity donations not available for Medicare members.

Bucks have no cash value and can only be spent in the Go365 Mall. Programs vary. Please see your program details for specific rules. Some allow cash-only purchases in the Go365 Mall. Depending on your plan, some options may not be available. Please visit the Go365 Mall to view a full list of available options associated with your plan.

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